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Installing a new garage gate is not an easy decision if you want to get the best and long-term solution. When you will look online to find out about the different kinds of covered parking space doors, then you will come to know that there are mainly six types. These are sectional, slide to the side, roll-up, tilt-up canopy, side hinged, and tilt-up retractable. Apart from this, the materials that are used by the garage door manufacturer in Dandenong are wood, steel, wood composites, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and glass. Depending on the needs and requirements, people make their decision. So you also need to make the right decision so that you don’t feel guilt at a later stage.

It has been seen that many property owners face a lot of issues with their garage gates even though they installed them a few months ago. While there can be many reasons for this, the most common one is improper handling. Yes, you heard that right. At the time of opening and closing the roller gates they don’t follow any rules. They use their full force to do it. Due to this and the other reasons, they start facing the following problem with their parking terminal gates that you might also suffer from.

Different Kinds of Roller Garage Doors Issue


  • The first issue they face is that the door doesn’t get closed. What they don’t understand is that when they use full force to open and close the gate it gets bang on the ground or the top. Due to this, the right setting of the doors gets dis-balanced and it leads to such an issue.
  • They find it tough to open the gate even after trying hard. Either it gets stuck in a middle way or doesn’t go up at all. The problem of roller garage doors malfunctioning occurs when it is not in balance or some component is damaged.
  • If the torsion spring is broken then you might also face issues. During such time hiring an expert who specialises in offering roller gate installation, repair, and maintenance service is the best thing to do.
  • If you are hearing unusual noise coming from the garage gate every time you are opening or closing it then it can be due to worn cables or rollers, broken spring, etc. Getting it repaired and replacing the damaged parts right on time will help you to save time and money.

The other problem that you can face with the Melbourne garage doors is that they don’t stay open properly and keep rolling down, cracks and gaps, broken sensors, and much more. In case you find any kind of problem then it is better to hire the experts and get it repaired.

Whether you need to buy roller garage gates or need help with installation the team of Eco Garage Doors is always available at your service. We have the best team who are professionally trained and specialise in managing such kinds of projects easily. We will not only install the garage doors in Dandenong but will also provide you with great tips and advice on how you can maintain and increase its longevity. Call us to book your appointment and we will be right there on time.

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