Australian Made ECO Industrial Garage Doors

Industrial Roller Shutters

Made in Australia by ECO’s industrial division, ECO Industrial roller shutter (aka. Commercial Roller Doors) add style while providing exceptional functionality and strength to any building. Manufactured from galvanised G300 Bluescope steel with Z275 zinc coating, ECO Industrial roller shutters are designed and engineered to stand strong against wind, hail and savage storms.

Perfect for all industrial applications from sports facilities and shopping centres to carparks and warehouses, even add them to your architecturally designed warehouse to add a touch of elegance. Constructed using interlocking slats for added strength, we roll form them in house using our Australian made machinery.

Our industrial roller shutters add a touch of class to your commercial premises. Let your imagination run wild when designing roller shutters to fit your building.

Industrial strength

Made to withstand even the worst weather, ECO makes its industrial garage doors with interlocking 75mm and 100mm slats, built from galvanised G300 Bluescope steel with Z275 zinc coating for additional strength.

Powder Coat finish

Choose to have your industrial roller shutters powder coated for a durable factory finish that looks like new forever. Powder coat is more than double the thickness of the average garage door finish with a choice of 100s of colours.

Low and High Cycle Options Available

Low and high cycle options available to suit individual applications. Your choice depends on whether your industrial roller door is for a high or low traffic area. Choose high cycle for doors that open and close multiple times a day.

Smooth Operation

ECO industrial roller shutters are smooth operators, whisper quiet and reliable.

High Wind Resistant

Industrial garage doors for buildings in high wind areas or for wide openings, ECO adds a heavy duty bottom rail and cast iron wind-lock end clips so high winds do not blow your door off the rails when opening and closing it.


We can perforate or pre-punch roller shutters to add ventilation for different applications such as car parks. Perforated slats add up to 30% ventilation and slotted slats add up to 11% ventilation.

SwiFit® Design Studio


Eco Garage Doors is pleased to introduce our SwiFit® Design Studio proudly made by Eco Garage Doors. ECO SwiFit® Design Studio is an industry leading initiative to support the future of design, innovation and manufacturing in Australia. Lead by our in-house engineering department and tested in-house by our R&D team, we ensure all of our released products are SAFE, STRONG & RELIABLE.

Where SwiFit® Design Studio is displayed – our partners, suppliers and customers can be ensured we are committed to the following statement:

  • ECO Garage Doors remains an Australian Owned and Operated company which focuses on promoting Australian made and supports Australian suppliers
  • ECO Garage Doors maintains full control and ownership of our Design and Innovations, Intellectual Properties and Patents
  • All Design & Innovations are conducted in-house by ECO Engineering Division with our encompassing focus on Industrial Design, Swift and Easy Fit methodologies
  • All Products are Tested in Australia to regulatory requirements and Australian Standards

SwiFit® AU Patient Appln No. 2021221530. SwiFit® is a registered trademark of Eco Garage Doors Pty Ltd.

ECO HD Industrial Electric Opener

For added convenience, add an ECO HDS Industrial Electric Opener to operate your Industrial Roller Shutter. Choose from single or three-phase motors depending on your power supply. With travel electronic limit switches and an emergency hand chain for use when the power fails, you can rely on ECO Industrial Roller Shutters.

Garage Door Opener
Windlock and Endclips

Wind-lock end clips and guides

Moulded nylon end clips ensure smooth, low friction operation, and can be readily replaced if damaged or worn.Standard nylon end-clips are fitted to every second slat in all shutters, except wind-locked models. For areas subject to high wind conditions, or for very wide openings, 75mm or 100mm shutters should be fitted with malleable cast iron wind-lock end-clips and steel wind-lock guides. Wind-lock clips prevent the curtain disengaging from the guides under wind pressure.


We can perforate or pre-punch roller shutters to add ventilation for different applications such as for car parks and canteens. Perforated slats add 30% ventilation and slotted slats have a maximum of 11% ventilation.

Perforated Slat
Industrial Roller Shutter

Powder Coat Finish

Optional powder coated factory finish with choice of 100’s colours. Powder coat is more than twice the thickness of the average paint film and provides a long-wearing and durable finish.

Weather Seal

Industrial roller shutters have a special ECO heavy-duty bottom rail made of extruded aluminium to seal against rain, dust and leaves.

Industrial Weatherseal

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