Eco Garage Doors Terms & Conditions

Warranty Conditions

Balance of payment to all non-account customers together with cleared funds is required 48 hours prior to installation / dispatch. Product can be viewed in factory prior to payment. Any cancellation made within 48 hours prior to installation date will incur a $450 rebooking fee.

  1. The client id referred to as the “buyer” and Eco Garage Doors as the “supplier”.
  2. All items supplied shall remain the property of the supplier until payment is made in full.
  3. The supplier (Eco Garage Doors) reserves the right to process balance of payment via customer credit card prior to installation.
  4. If an existing door is removed by the supplier, the supplier takes no responsibility for damage to the buyer’s property where such damage was necessary for the removal of the door and associated components.
  5. It is the buyer’s responsibility to have the garage clear of any obstructions (i.e. cars, bikes, boxes etc.) for installation of door. Failure to do so will result in a $450 rebooking fee/ or if buyer wants to clear garage while fitter waits, an $80 per hour charge will apply.
  6. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the motor vehicle shall fit in the garage with the door and motor fitted. Particular attention should be paid to the height of the vehicle and the lowest level of the door in the open position.
  7. Power point or any electrical works to be completed by buyer.
  8. The supplier takes no responsibility for gaps between the garage floor and the door not withstanding a taper is supplied to the door, where the level of the garage floor is uneven or sloping.
  9. The buyer understands and accepts that the actual door colour may vary slightly from paint charts or samples and an exact match with an existing door cannot be guaranteed, and that paint rubbing may occur in between finger proof panel joints.
  10. Where after manufacture of a door or a door installation is deferred at the buyers request the buyer shall pay the balance of monies due for the door and associated items within 7 days of the original date set for installation or alternatively pay a storage fee of $50 per week.
  11. Price subject to final site measure.
  12. The supplier reserves the right to use touch-up paint on the front or rear of all doors.
  13. Cosmetic warranty claims are only valid for the front face of all doors. Cosmetic warranty is not valid for the back of door or between panel breaks (tongue and groove).
  14. It is the buyers responsibility to obtain any permits, traffic management, acoustic and energy tests, reports and certificates.
  15. Reverse roller doors are more susceptible to paint rub or scuffing than “standard” roller doors. No warranty or repair claims will be accepted as
    a result of paint rub.
  16. Frame only sectional doors; it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the maximum door panel weight is not exceeded. Exceeding the maximum weight risks component failure that can cause injury or death. Neither the supplier or our installers accept any responsibility for loss or damage caused by total weights that exceed the maximum allowable specification for the door frame or hardware. The supplier reserves the right to refuse commissioning on doors that are considered to exceed maximum specifications until evidence of weight compliance is produced. Additional weight of cladding by others must be confirmed at time of order: Should cladding weight performed by others be greater or less than 10kg as noted at time of sale, additional charge may apply.
  17. Manual locks will not be installed to doors with openers. 
  18. Interfacing with building services (fire, security, access, etc) is not included.
  19. Shop drawings are not included unless part of an agreed contract 
    1. If included as part of contract; 1 major & 1 minor revision allowed.
    2. Further revisions to be charged $150.00 per hour.
  20. Installation during standard working hours. No allowance has been made for installations outside normal working hours including weekends and public holidays. 
  21. Any cosmetic damaged caused by the supplier during installation to structure/opening without reason; The supplier reserves the right to repair not replace.
  22. If the buyer has removed an existing garage door or the garage security on their own prior to Eco Garage Door installation, the buyer accepts that Eco Garage Doors will not be liable for security at the property if unable to attend installation due to any unavoidable circumstance. The buyer will be required to agree to the “Conditions of Install” and will be liable for any security risks imposed to the property has until the “Conditions of Install” is complete.
  23. Remotes, wall buttons and accessories may/will be posted out along with warranty and door information 48 hours after installation is complete.
  24. Changes or cancellation of the order, once placed, will incur fees. Refer to the supplier for current rates.
  25. This contract supersede any other arrangements or contracts.

Conditions of Install

Eco Garage Doors outlines the following conditions for correct installation. The provisions will be checked BEFORE installation commences and made known to the buyer or buyers representative.

Opening to be fitted

  • Head of opening no more than 10mm out of level across door width.
  • FFL of opening no more than 10mm out of level across door width.
  • Left & Right side reveals no more than 5mm out of plumb over height of the door.

Fixing / Anchoring

  • Required trimming has been installed to concealed walls (timber).
  • Required trimming (where applicable) has been installed to ceiling.
  • There are no other services within the fixing zone that can be damaged during installation.

Power supply / location

  • Required GPO has been installed at the correct location for door operation / commissioning.
  • Adequate temporary supply has been provided to carry out commissioning.
  • There are no other services within the fixing zone that can be damaged during installation.


  • Installation contractor requires 6 hours clear access to the area for install. Delays on site due to disruptions from construction activities will incur a $65.00 per hour charge for every hour exceeding 6 hours on site (up to 8hrs)
  • Return trips required to complete installation and/or commissioning will incur a minimum 4 hours charge levelled at $80.00 per hour plus travel time.

Care and maintenance

Thank you for choosing a new garage door from ECOGarage Doors. Your door requires minimal maintenance and will operate efficiently for many years to come.

General Garage Door


  • Use only a mild cleaning agent (such as dishwashing liquid) that has been diluted in warm water.
  • Only use a soft linen cloth or sponge.
  • Abrasives and solvent based cleaning agents should NOT be used under any circumstances. They will damage the finish of the door.

To clean your door, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Dampen the garage door with a fine water spray to remove dust.
  2. Wash the door with the mild cleaning agent, using a linen cloth or soft sponge.
  3. Rinse off soap with water.


To ensure maximum longevity of your door, it needs to be serviced by
one of our authorised technicians as per the following schedule:

  • Low to moderate use (1-4 cycles per day; every 12 months)
  • Moderate use (5-15 cycles per day; every 6 months)
  • High use (over 15 cycles per day ; every 3-4 months)

Please consult the supplier for spring life cycle to arange appropriate maintenance and replacement recommendations.

Service Charges

Eco Garage Doors reserves the right to charge for service where the service request is for issues outside of the product warranty.


Service charges will be applied where there is:

  • Non-warranty related faults or failures
  • Rectification of errors caused by installation contrary to manufacturer specification or installation manual.
  • Incorrect, incomplete and/or unsafe installations.
  • Coding and programming of openers isn’t covered by any warranty , it is the customers responsibility to read the manual.

* An Order/ Invoice number or Job reference number must be supplied for Warranty Service Requests to be accepted by Eco Garage Doors