Eco Precision Drive Roller Door Opener

Residential Roller Door Opener


ECO Precision Drive Residential Roller Garage Door Opener

Eco Garage Door’s Eco Precision Drive residential roller door opener uses the latest advanced technology to provide Australian families with a reliable, durable and safe roller garage door opener solution.

The Eco Precision Drive residential roller door opener is powerful, quiet and compliant to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Our super quiet roller garage door opener is powerful, safe and reliable providing complete peace of mind to ensure your family’s possessions are protected. When you want an automatic garage door opener for ECO Garage Doors’ Roller Garage Doors, you can trust the ECO Precision Drive RDO to operate safely for years.

With a 160mm per second open and close speed and automatic safety obstruction sensor capability, it senses any obstructions for additional safety and your peace of mind.

Eco Precision Drive RDO

800N Pull Force^

433MHz Rolling Code

Rolling code technology ensures reliable performance.

Soft Start, Soft Stop

The soft start, soft stop feature enhances the performance of your motor by opening slowly and gradually accelerating to full speed and slowing down before it fully closes. This reduces vibration to maximise the life of all mechanical parts.

LED Light

Convenient LED light automatically illuminates when door is opening or closing.

^ Short term lifting force and recommended spring-balance door must not exceed 20kg.

*Optional extras (sold separately)

Auto Close Setting

Auto close feature offers the convenience to automatically close with an adjustable time period when fitted with PE safety beam accessory.

Maintenance Alarm

A convenient alarm will notify you when maintenance is required on the opener.

Manual Release Lever

Never will you be left unable to open your garage door. The manual release lever makes it easy to open the door without power.

Auto Open/Close Speed

Our Eco Precision Drive RDO has a 160mm per second open and close speed for reliable, efficient operation.

Eco Precision Drive RDO Remote handset

The ECO4 handset is supplied when you install the Eco Precision Drive RDO roller garage Door opener. You can order more handsets from our online shop so everyone in your family has convenient access.

Roller Garage Door Opener

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