Custom Garage Doors

The possibilities for your custom garage door are only limited by your imagination.

Form and function collide with our Custom garage doors to get the best results and look for your home. We work with you to bring your ideas to life, so the results are what you imagined. Choose from a wide range of materials with the option of hundreds of powder coat colours to create a sleek, contemporary garage door to enhance your home’s street appeal.


Insulated options are available on our custom garage doors to help regulate the temperature in your garage making it quieter and more comfortable

Engineered & manufactured

Designed, engineered and manufactured at our Melbourne facility.

Heavy Duty hardware

Heavy duty hardware built to withstand any environment.

Powder Coat

Powder coated finishes and hardware available with a premium upgrade option.*

* Premium upgrade option

30,000 Spring cycle

Giving you peace of mind that the door will open and close when it's supposed to.

Powder coat finish

With 100s of colours to choose from, a powder coat finish gives your commercial roller door a touch of class.


Built from industrial strength aluminium to last for years in even the most punishing weather conditions.
Custom Garage Door, Tranquilo panel

Custom garage door profiles

Tranquilo Panel

Choose from a selection of smooth, minimalistic contemporary designs with a huge range of powder coat colours in finishes to suit any environment. We have engineered our Tranquilo panel custom garage door to be the smoothest, flattest panels on the Australian market.

Custom Garage Door, Tranquilo panel


The Alumicomp profile from our Custom garage door range is made with an aluminium composite panelling. Offered to you in a wide range of colours and is available in either a matt or gloss finish.


The Alumalite Custom garage door is manufactured with an industrial strength frame and a wide range of available inserts, resulting in an elegant and unique look for your home.

Custom Garage Door, Alumalite

Design your own

If you can imagine it, our experienced team can work with you to design and construct a custom roller door to fit any style of home.

Custom Garage Door, Alumalite

Custom garage door FAQs

What door sizes are available in the Custom Garage Door range?

Each custom garage door is manufactured to our customers’ requirements.  Sectional Garage Door widths begin at 1200mm wide up to 6800mm in height.

How do I arrange a measure and quote for a custom garage door?

To arrange a free measure and quote for a Custom Garage door with one of our experienced garage door representatives, you can either contact us on 03 9703 1500 or fill in the Request a Quote form and one of our team will contact you.

What happens to the old door once its replaced with a new ECO Garage Door?

ECO is able to take down and dispose  of your old garage door safely for a small fee.

Can I open my garage door if there is a blackout?

Yes, you can still open your garage door when there is a black out. To do this, you will need to manually release the opener using the red cord hanging from your garage door.

  1. Either pull the cord towards or away from the door (this will depend on the specific opener you have installed – there is no harm in trying both ways until the door disengages).
  2. You will hear a click to signify the change to disengaged. Try to open it – it should come up fairly easily however if it doesn’t then, it hasn’t been disengaged properly so please try again

What is headroom?

Headroom refers to the distance between the top of the door and the lowest point of the ceiling or any obstruction such as a garage door opener rail, pipes, or ductwork.

I do not have the necessary amount of headroom. Is there something i can do?

Yes! Low headroom kits are available for both commercial and residential doors.

Can I order a door as a frame only and arrange cladding to be installed myself.

Yes, we have frame only options where ECO will manufacture and install the garage door then return to commission door once cladding has been done by others.

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