Insulated Sectional
Garage Doors

A Quieter Eco friendly option featuring a three layer, high density polyurethane panelling system

Convert your garage into a useable space by adding an eco-friendly insulated sectional garage door. Made with a polyester resin foam panelling system, our Insulated garage door not only regulates the temperature inside your garage and saves you money in power costs, it also adds a touch of class and elegance to the exterior of your home for greater street appeal.

Tip: Turn you garage into a home office, workshop or gym

Maximum strength & protection

No sagging, buckling or deterioration makes it an excellent long-term investment for any property.

Noise Cancelling

Insulated sectional garage doors feature noise cancelling to reduce noise from entering or escaping your garage.

Custom Colour Matching

Colour match your door to any colour to create a unique look for your home.

30,000 Spring Cycle

With a 30,000 spring cycle you know it will open and close when you need it to.

Energy saving

Cuts energy costs by reducing thermal exchange in your home.

Tough Rail & Weather Seal

Fitted with a heavy duty bottom rail and durable ECO PVC weather seal for added durability and protection from the elements.
Mean thermal resistance (R Value) of 1.53m2.K/W+18%

Regulates the internal climate of the garage which can impact you home.

Reduces Noise

Reduces up to 75% of noises from entering or leaving the garage.

Polyester resin injected foam panelling system

The eco edge

The Eco Edge, eco garage doors insulated panel
Finger Protection Technology

We design our insulated sectional garage doors with interlocking, curved panels to keep fingers safe from becoming trapped when operating. The added benefit is these also provide a thermal break against the weather. This award winning finger protection technology is a standard feature on all our insulated garage doors.

Insulated panel

Insulated panels provide thermal protection to retain the heat in your garage which gives you energy savings.

Insulated garage doors superior functionality

30,000 spring cycle
Custom colours
Whisper quiet
Smooth Operation

For many people their garage is more than storage and parking. You may want to turn it into a man cave, use it for arts and crafts, a gym or for a variety of hobbies and other uses. With just a standard door fitted, the garage can be too hot or cold as the outside temperature transfers through the door. Installing our insulated garage door, made from a three layer, high density polyurethane and steel panel system, transforms your garage from unusable into a comfortable space.

Provides Protection

Heat expands and cold contracts which damages whatever you store in your garage; for example, tools, lubricants, fertilisers, paint or a second fridge. Adding an insulated garage door regulates the internal temperature and extends the life of anything stored in the space. It also protects the garage door motor, springs, lubricant and other components which saves you maintenance costs and prolongs its life.

Energy Efficiency

Regular garage doors do not regulate the internal temperature of your garage causing dramatic hot and cold temperature fluctuations that transfer to your home. Our insulated sectional garage door regulates the internal temperature and enhances the energy efficiency of your home.

Noise Reduction

With an insulated roller door fitted, you can make as much noise as you like in your garage. Noisy power tools or loud music will no longer escape through the door. Your family and neighbours will love you when not disturbed by any annoying noises coming from your garage. Noise reduction works both ways. Installing an insulated garage door will prevent you hearing the noise from barking neighbourhood dogs, traffic and loud parties which help your home to become a quiet, private oasis.

Insulated Sectional Garage Door – Profiles


Smooth texture


Woodgrain texture


Woodgrain texture


Woodgrain texture

Colour options

The extensive range of colour options available for our Insulated sectional garage doors include the full Colorbond range, Premium timber look finishes, and Custom colour matching.

Classic Cream
Evening Haze®
Shale Grey
Pale Eucalypt®
Manor Red®
Woodland Grey®
Cottage Green®
Deep Ocean®
Night Sky®
Golden Oak
Knotted Walnut
Grey Ironbark
European Oak
Metal FX
Gunmetal Grey
Precious Silver Pearl
Vivid White
Vivid White
Custom Colours

Insulated sectional garage door FAQs

What door sizes are available for a Insulated Sectional Garage Door?

Each Insulated sectional garage door is manufactured to our customers’ requirements.  Insulated garage door can be produced up to 5100mm high and 6500mm wide.

How do I arrange a measure and quote for a Insulated garage door?

To arrange a free measure and quote for an Insulated garage door with one of our experienced garage door representatives, you can either contact us on 03 9703 1500 or fill in the Request a Quote form and one of our team will contact you.

Can I fit an Insulated garage door onto my carport?

Yes, a sectional garage door can be fitted onto your carport.  ECO have the expertise and experience to achieve customised garage door fitment to your carport.

What happens to my old garage door once its replaced with a new ECO Garage Door?

ECO is able to take down and dispose of your old garage door safely for a small fee.

Can I open my Insulated garage door if there is a blackout?

Yes, you can still open your Insulated garage door when there is a blackout. To do this, you will need to manually release the opener using the red cord hanging from your garage door opener.

  • Pull the cord towards or away from the door (this will depend on the specific opener you have installed – there is no harm in trying both ways until the door disengages).
  • You will hear a click to signify the change to disengaged. Try to open it – it should come up fairly easily however if it doesn’t then, it hasn’t been disengaged properly so please try again.

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