ECO Garage Doors

Manufactured in Australia

Australian owned

ECO Garage Doors remains a wholly Australian family owned manufacturer of superior, architecturally designed roller doors using our state of the art Australian made roll form machine in our Dandenong facility. We offer exceptional architecturally designed doors customised to your specifications.

Give your property additional street appeal with a stunning ECO garage door for maximum protection and security. We sell our garage doors to builders, resellers and direct to the public throughout Australia.

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Maximum Security & Protection

Garage Door Design & Innovation

Our innovative engineering and in-house research and development departments use our purpose-built software to create garage doors that keep up with the latest design trends and we use unique finishes that are exclusive to ECO. Not only are our garage doors safe, strong and reliable, they enhance your property’s street appeal.
Manufacturing superior garage doors that are not only strong and secure, but beautiful too, is our passion so we make the process fast and simple to buy and install a garage door.


Direct from the manufacturer

When you buy direct from the manufacture you cut out the middle man. Not only that, you know you are investing Australian innovation and exceptional customer service that is always available if needed.
As industry leaders in lead times, our manufacturing facility is driven by our unique purpose-built software during the manufacturing process. We have in-house engineering, research and development, design and construct commercial garage door divisions and new a newly released industrial roller shutter division that drive our innovation and desire to produce the best garage doors in Australia.
We deliver and install your new door with exceptionally fast turnaround times because ECO Garage Doors does not rely on external suppliers. Every door is tested to ensure it functions to our high standards before it leaves our Dandenong facility.

Reducing our environmental footprint

ECO Company Values

Reducing our environmental footprint is ingrained in our culture and ECO only chooses suppliers who share our company values. We reduce our waste by using only the best environmental packaging methods and our operating processes optimise our energy consumption.

Customer Benefits

Garage Doors for Homeowners

Remarkable Quality

We manufacture garage doors of remarkable quality. Our strict quality processes are employed throughout the entire manufacturing process. Nothing less than perfection satisfies ECO.

Customer Satisfaction

When you deal with ECO, there are no third parties involved. Customer satisfaction underpins everything we do. Nothing is more important than providing automatic garage doors that deliver safe, reliable performance to enhance the security of your home. Buying a garage door from us makes you part of the ECO family.

Wide Range of Options

Not only do we design and manufacture a huge range of doors to give your home added street appeal, we have a range of accessories and door openers to suit individual needs.

ECO – A Brand you can Trust

With years of manufacturing experience behind us, ECO stands by its garage doors. We do what we say and all our representatives give you advice that best suits your situation.

Garage Doors for Builders and Resellers

High Volume Output

ECO can maintain a high volume output at our garage door Dandenong factory because we do everything in house with no third party involvement.

Number One in Lead Times

ECO is number one in lead times. There is no need to wait for raw materials as we design, test and manufacture everything in our in-house facility.

Delivers On Time

Delivering on time is a key metric we measure our performance against. Every client is important to ECO, so we ensure we deliver our products on time in the most cost-effective way.