Essence Timber Finish Garage Door

Essence Timber finish by UNICOTE® LUX

New to Eco Garage Doors is the Essence Timber Finish by UniCote® LUX. Perfect when looking for a luxurious timber finish to add a touch of class to your home, setting your home apart from surrounding houses in the street.
This Essence timber finish adds a classy edge to your timber look garage door that will be the envy of your neighbours. It gives your garage door a stunning wood look finish that withstands Australia’s harshest weather and will look immaculate day in and day out with minimal maintenance.

The Essence timber finish wood look garage door is designed to suit the most sophisticated Australia architecture and offers an extensive range of features and benefits.

Essence Timber Finish

The Essence timber finish uses a hot-dipped aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel substrate with a polyester top coat. Infrared reflective pigments in the top coat are baked on to the polyester primer for a durable finish.
Essence Timber Finish Garage Door

Timber finish coat

Advanced Durable Polyester coating. Nominal timber finish coat thickness 35µms ± 8µms.


Flexible corrosion resistant chromated primer. Nominal film thickness 7µms ± 1µms on the top side and 5µms ± 1µms on the reverse.


Corrosion resistant chromate conversion coating.

Hot dipped Aluminium/Zinc alloy coated steel coil (150gms per m2)

Shadow Grey Backing Coat

5µms ± 1µms Nominal thickness.

Corrosion Resistant Primer

Rated at atmospheric class C1 – C3, it is suitable for industrial and urban areas, and along the coast where there is low salt content in the air.

Fire Resistant

Fire tests demonstrate it meets AS/NZS 1530.3 requirements giving you peace of mind it is fire resistant.

Scratch Resistant

Tested using no less than 1.5 kg in weight, it meets AS2331.4.7. It will weather storms and continue to look good in harsh environmental conditions.

QUV Resistant (Coating Durability)

Tested on a flat panel, the Essence timber finish meets AS/NZS2728:2013 requirements to deliver outstanding durability.

Bend Test

Testing to meet AS/NZS2728:2013 requirements, it demonstrated no cracks or loss of adhesion after being bent around a diameter equal to five times its thickness.

Impact Resistant

With the reverse side of the wooden roller door tested at a force of 10J, it meets AS/NZS2728:2013 specifications. You can expect the coating to remain adhered to this timber look garage door after an impact.

Humidity Resistant

Australia’s weather is notorious for its humidity in some parts of the country. The Essence timber finish garage door meets the standard set out in AS/NZS2728:2013 Sections 2.8 and 2.9.

Salt Spray Resistant

The Essence timber finish garage door meets AS/NZS2728:2013 specifications for salt resistance so it is ideal for residences close to the beach.

Maintenance Free#

Real wooden garage doors need a lot of upkeep to look good, but the Essence timber finish only needs regular cleaning to keep it in top condition.

Finger Protection

We design our garage doors with interlocking, curved panels to keep fingers safe from becoming trapped when operating. The added benefit is these also provide a thermal break against the weather. This award winning finger protection technology is a standard feature on all our insulated garage doors.

Available colours

Essence by UniCote® LUX Victorian Ash
Victorian Ash
Essence by UniCote® LUX Red-Mahogany
Red Mahogany
Essence by UniCote® LUX Australian Beech
Australian Beech

Available profiles

The Essence timber finish by UniCote® LUX is offered in the Panel lift-safe garage door profiles.


Textured/Woodgrain texture


Woodgrain texture

Classic Panel

Woodgrain texture

Lincoln Panel

Woodgrain texture

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