Roller Garage Door

Introducing the ExoRoll™ Roller Garage Door. Combining engineering genius with manufacturing excellence, Eco Garage Doors have designed a roller garage door that will last for years. 

The ExoRoll™ Roller Garage Doors is made with our patented SwiFit® technology. The SwiFit® design has been engineered and tested by our innovative in-house R&D department to deliver a roller garage door track system with individually engineered components designed to deliver deep profile strength and rigidity. This provides a stylish, safe and reliable roller garage door that will surpass the length of time.

Some of the key features of the ExoRoll™ roller garage door are:

  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Superior deep profile rigid design
  • Safest guides in Australia
  • High quality internal spring system made in Australia
  • Colorbond® steel finish
  • Eco-friendly package design
  • Incorporates the SwiFit® Design Studio
Roller Garage Door
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Innovative Roller Garage Doors


Safety is important to us and to our clients. Features include manufacturing roller doors with no sharp edges, track stops to keep the door in the tracks even when treated roughly and a handle on manual doors with smooth edges to ensure you and your family’s safety.


Our roller garage doors have nylon braided edging, drum wheels and bottom rail plugs to provide quiet, smooth operation resulting in the roller door remaining on the rails for reliable operation.


Ensuring the durability of your Roller Garage Door is crucial. ExoRoll™ Roller Garage Doors are equipped with galvanized brackets, tracks, and individual components to prevent corrosion and simplify the replacement process for any parts. The spring system is engineered to provide over 25,000 cycles, ensuring dependable performance over time.

SwiFit® Design Studio


Eco Garage Doors is pleased to introduce our SwiFit® Design Studio proudly made by Eco Garage Doors. ECO SwiFit® Design Studio is an industry leading initiative to support the future of design, innovation and manufacturing in Australia. Lead by our in-house engineering department and tested in-house by our R&D team, we ensure all of our released products are SAFE, STRONG & RELIABLE.

Where SwiFit® Design Studio is displayed – our partners, suppliers and customers can be ensured we are committed to the following statement:

  • ECO Garage Doors remains an Australian Owned and Operated company which focuses on promoting Australian made and supports Australian suppliers
  • ECO Garage Doors maintains full control and ownership of our Design and Innovations, Intellectual Properties and Patents
  • All Design & Innovations are conducted in-house by ECO Engineering Division with our encompassing focus on Industrial Design, Swift and Easy Fit methodologies
  • All Products are Tested in Australia to regulatory requirements and Australian Standards

SwiFit® AU Patient Appln No. 2021221530. SwiFit® is a registered trademark of Eco Garage Doors Pty Ltd.

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Multilayer Frictionless Rolling and Sliding system

With a multilayered system the ePro-Felt™ system provides Frictionless and quite operation to your ExoRoll™ Roller Door.
Enhanced with our reinforce Australia made metal straps sandwich in a multilayered system, this technology will prolong the life of the door to minimise material fatigue through constant pulling and stretching of the door.

Multilayer Frictionless Rolling and Sliding System
Roller Garage Door Material


Seamless Panel locking System

With Architectural appeal front and centered, ECO designers have developed the ECO eLok-Seam™ Panel Locking System to ensure the joint line is flushed and centered to the corrugate door profile.


Duplex Track Rollers

Complementing the eLok-Seam™ is the ECO patented eOrbital™ innovation – designed to provide quiet and frictionless operation to your ExoRoll™.
The engineered plastics are specifically selected to reduce friction and prolong the life of your door.

Garage Doors Accessories
Garage Door Accessories


Patented Finger Safe Lead-in Guide system

Factory fitted / No Cutting / No Welding

ECO eSafe-Guide™ patented design ensures there are no dangerous metal sharp edges or welding on the Guide Track lead-in system.

With the bonus of an integrated Soft Rubber Stopper embedded as standard to all our Nylon Lead-in Guides, this adds a level of sophistication and class never seen before on an Australian made Roller Door


Easy Clip & Slide Fixing system

Complementing the eSafe-Guide™ system is ECO proprietary Heavy Duty eClick-Fix™ designed to eliminate the hazard of welding and hot works on residential installations. The eClick-Fix™ clips snuggly onto the sides of the guide tracks and provides hands free installation and adjustments without any compromise on strength and durability. The eClick-Fix™ has also been designed with a reinforced guide track sway support to prevent the guide track twisting under high wind pressures.


ExoRoll™ Roller Garage Door Recommended Opener

Eco Precision Drive RDO

To compliment your roller door, ECO Garage Doors have crafted the Eco Precision Drive Roller Door Opener (RDO) to deliver a smooth, quiet and reliable operation every time.

Eco Garage Door’s Eco Precision Drive residential roller door opener uses the latest advanced technology to provide Australian families with a reliable, durable, safe and secure garage door opener solution. Powerful, quiet and compliant to Australian and New Zealand Standards, enjoy complete peace of mind ensuring your family and possessions are protected.

The ECO Precision Drive RDO has the following features:

  • 800N pull force^
  • 433MHZ rolling code
  • Auto close setting
  • LED Light
  • Soft start/stop
  • Maintenance alarm
  • PE Safety beam*
  • Battery Back-up*

^ Short term lifting force and recommended spring-balance door must not exceed 20kg.

*Options available

Eco Precision Drive RDO

Colour options

Dover White^
Evening Haze®
Classic Cream
Shale Grey
Woodland Grey®
Night Sky®
Manor Red®

^ Non standard Colorbond® colour includes surcharge.

All colour swatches and images shown on Eco Garage Doors website and brochure have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. We recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing as varying light conditions and limitations of the printing process may affect colour tones. Colorbond®, BlueScope and ® colour names are registered trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited. ™ colour names are trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited. All of Eco Garage Doors are supplied and installed with a trademarked badge.

Roller Garage Door FAQs

What door sizes are available for a Roller Garage Door?

We manufacture roller garage doors to meet your requirements up to 5100 mm high and 6000 mm wide.

How do I arrange a measure and quote for a Roller garage door?

Call 03 9703 1500 or fill in our Request a Quote form to arrange for one of our experienced roller garage door representatives to give you a free measure and quote.

Can I fit a Roller garage door onto my carport?

Yes, Eco has the expertise to customise a roller door to fit your carport.

What happens to my old garage door once its replaced with a new ECO Garage Door?

For a small fee, ECO will remove and dispose of your old door.

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