Heavy Duty Light Commercial Sectional Garage Door Opener

Our powerful Sectional Garage Door opener

Strong, safe and reliable, our ECO engineered HD SDO 1500N garage door opener is perfect for heavy-duty commercial use. Suitable for commercial, high-rise and corporate carparks they can withstand opening and closing up to 50 times a day. They are also perfect for heavy residential customised doors adding style and street appeal.

Leading edge technology delivers quiet but powerful operation with secure coding technology that locks the garage door without interfering with other motors. Compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards, it has a black heavy duty motor rail for added strength and durability.

ECO HD SDO Light Commercial
ECO-HD 1500N Opener Rail

Heavy duty commercial grade opener rail 

The key component of the ECO HD Light Commercial operator is the heavy duty motor rail designed specifically for commercial applications. The rail is powder coated black and is hard wearing, bringing strength and reliability with every cycle.

Heavy Lifting Power

The ECO1500N gives you heavy lifting power and can be relied on every time.

Automatic Safety Obstruction Sensor

For additional safety, the automatic safety obstruction sensor automatically reverses when your door encounters an obstruction.

Adjustable LED Light

For convenience, the ECO1500N offers you the flexibility to adjust the LED light giving you enough time to enter and exit your garage safely.

Soft Start, Soft Stop

The soft start, soft stop feature enhances the performance or your motor by controlling the speed your door opens and closes. It starts slowly, gradually accelerating to full speed and slows down before it fully closes. This reduces vibration and maximises the life of all mechanical parts.

FIP smart logic

Internal fIre integration panel board in alignment with the requirements for internal car park applications.

Manual Release Lever

Never will you be left unable to open your garage door. The manual release lever makes it easy to open the door when the power fails.

Auto Close Function

You have the ability to set up an auto close function (adjustable up to a max of 135 seconds).

Automatic Force Adjustment Sensor

Automatic force adjustment sensing monitors and adjusts the force required to open and close your garage door for worry-free operation.

Continuous Roller Code

Continuous roller code technology adds interference-free operation to give you peace of mind so nobody can break in.

Solid Construction

Our light commercial motor is built with a black, heavy duty motor rail, designed to be hard wearing and durable.

ECO 1500N HD SDO Remote handset

The ECO5 extended range handset is supplied when you install the ECO1500N heavy duty garage door opener. You can order more handsets so everyone who requires access can come and go safely from your corporate garage.

Heavy Duty Sectional Door Opener

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Eco 1500N FAQs

What garage door types is the 1500N suitable for?

The eco 1500N sectional door opener is suitable for all Garage doors made by Eco Garage doors from the following ranges:

• Insulated sectional garage doors

• Panel lift-safe garage doors (sectional garage doors)

• Custom garage doors*

If my garage door is heavier than 150kg, what are my options?

The Eco15o0N sectional garage door opener is only suitable for doors up to a maximum of 150kg. If your garage door is heavier than 150kg, we recommend talking with one of our experienced team members who will recommend either a commercial grade motor or similar.

Does the Eco1500N garage door opener still work when the power is out?

In short, no. You will need to open your garage door manually. It is as simple as releasing the red cord hanging from the door:

  1. Depending on the type of opener, either pull the cord towards you or away from you until it disengages. Pulling it both ways will not do any harm.
  2. You will hear a click. This indicates it has disengaged and should now be easy to open. If it is not easy to open, this means it has not disengaged properly so try pulling the red cord again.

Can I automate my existing garage door?

Yes. It can be automated with an ECO1500N automatic garage door motor as long as it is in good condition. If your existing garage door is warped or too badly damaged, the door may need replacing to get the best results. Contact us for more information.

Is the ECO1500N garage door opener safe?

Adding ECO technology makes your garage the most secure entry point to your car park or building. Safety and security is paramount to everything ECO does.

ECO1500N uses our roller code technology so your automatic garage door opener selects a unique code from encrypted rolling codes every time you press the button. With its ability to communicate on different frequencies, our superior technology selects the best frequency which almost eliminates interference from other devices.

As industry leaders, we continue to develop and test new technologies, safety features and systems so we only deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We know you deserve the best safety features with convenience use, so we strive to deliver beyond your expectations.

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