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Predominantly, there are three types of garage doors available in Australia – sectional doors, roller doors and up and over doors. No matter what type of door you are looking for, you must keep in mind the following points to ensure you get the right one for your property. 

The Type

At first, you must determine the type of garage door that will suit the needs of your commercial garage. We started this write-up with the types of garage doors available and you must choose one of them to start with.

The Material

Next, you need to choose the right material. Garage doors in Melbourne are generally made from wood, aluminium and steel. Choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Measuring the Opening

This is the third most important point to be remembered. Measuring the opening will ensure that you have the right size for the garage door taking into account the dimension of the goods and vehicles you deal with.

The Weight

You must take into account the weight of the commercial garage door you choose. This is important as it’s crucial for the door to be able to handle the weight of your inventory.

The Price

You must have a look at the price as well. These doors are available at variable prices and you must ensure that the one you choose fits your budget.

The Insulation

You must not ignore the insulation of the door, as it will indicate that it is safe enough to protect your goods and products from the natural elements.

The Styles

Commercial garage doors in Dandenong come in various styles & getups. Thus, you need to opt for the suitable style that will meet your needs & preferences.

Durability & Reliability

Durability and reliability are the other two factors to be considered before opting for a commercial garage door.

The Operability Factor

You must ensure that the commercial garage door you are eyeing is easy to operate. The last thing you would need is a garage door that is difficult to open and close and is hard to operate in the hour of need.

The Look and Feel

The aesthetic look and feel of your garage door have to be pleasing and it should seamlessly gel with the theme of your business.

The Warranty

You must ensure that the Melbourne Garage Doors you look for are warrantied. That is the reason, you must eye on a quality garage door manufacturer of your location, as the products it will come up with, will always be warrantied.

The Maintenance Cost

You must not opt for a garage whose maintenance cost is too high for you to sustain, taking into consideration your budget. Thus, you must opt for a garage that is stubborn and needs very less maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for a motorised garage door (which you will in any case be looking for to serve your business), you must ensure it does not shoot your power bills up. It has to be energy efficient.

It Has to Be Easy to Install and Dismantle

The commercial garage door you are vouching for, has to be easy to install and dismantle so that when they are to be dismantled and repaired and reinstalled, it will not be a herculean task.

Thus, when you look for commercial garage doors, you must opt for these points and if you are in and around Melbourne, Eco Garage Doors is the name to turn to, as we are the best in the business, Call us to fix an appointment.

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