Eco Garage Doors Terms

Terms and conditions

Thank you for choosing a new garage door from Eco Garage Doors. Your door requires minimal maintenance and will operate efficiently for many years to come. CLEANING: Use only a mild cleaning agent (such as dishwashing liquid) that has been diluted in warm water. Only use a soft linen cloth or sponge.
Abrasives and solvent based clearning agents should NOT be used under any circumstances. They will damage the finish of the door.
To clean your garage door, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Dampen the garage door with a fine water spray to remove dust etc.
  2. Wash the door with the mild cleaning agent, using a linen cloth or soft sponge.
  3. Rinse off soap etc with water.
To ensure maximum longevity of your door, we recommend that it is serviced by one of our authorised technicians as per the following schedule:
Low to moderate use (1 - 2 cycles per day): every 12 months.
Moderate to high use (more than 2 cycles per day): every 6 months.
Due to the extreme stress of roll forming during the manufacturing process, there may be slight imperfections i.e. Small dints, blemishes. If imperfections caused for this reason cannot be noticed from a distance of 3 metres back from the middle of the garage door, under natural light will not be deemed a warranty issue.

COLORBOND®, steel and cardboard colour swatches and images shown on Eco Garage Doors website/brochure have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as varying light conditions and limitations of the printing process may affect colour tones.